Among a small village of survivors in an isolated weapons facility, a reluctant young woman must decide how to keep her loved ones safe when she unwittingly finds the key that may change the course of Earth’s future.

The Wake is a 5-season long miniseries designed for online distribution. It’s epic scale with sci-fi intrigue and gritty, first-person drama. As technology advances by leaps and bounds each year, epic genre television is no longer solely the property of established studios and networks. The Wake is proof that thoughtful, dramatic, and polished looking programming can come from the hands of independent content producers.

Chicago Premiere

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Short Film

The story of Alan Cartwright, a distinguished stage magician, whose wife and stage partner of 40 years has died. Alone and grieving, Alan can no longer bring himself to perform, and begins cutting himself off from a world that he no longer cares about. Then he meets Mikey Taylor, a shy young boy from next door who desperately wants to learn the secret art of illusion. It is through this friendship that Alan begins to realize that he still may have a reason to believe in magic.


Short  Film  Teaser

Spec Feature Film Trailer

A fake movie trailer made by a group of Columbia College Chicago film students on a whim, in less than a week, without a budget.

“It’ll have you locking your doors and blocking off your chimney this Christmas Eve!”

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